Capillary, Tech Cable, and Small Coil

C & C Fluid Power - Electric Capillary Trailer Unit

We offer all equipment related to small coil tubing/capillary including, spoolers, Injector heads, strapping trailers, shop welding systems and complete internal units.  We can manufacture custom equipment and refurbish used equipment. We build three spooler sizes to run a variety of spools and weights. Our standard 8K injector head can be outfitted to run tubing from ¼” up to ⅝” and has an 8000 lb. pulling capacity.  

Well Testing/ Control

C and C Fluid Power BOP Closing Unit

We build BOP closing units or accumulator units with a variety of options including auto start and stop functionality. We offer refurbishing and recertification of closing units. Auto start and stop systems are also available and can be retrofitted to existing units.



C and C Fluid Power - ESP

We manufacture all equipment related to handling esp cable including self loading ESP trailers, ESP cable spoolers, shop splicing systems, splicing tables, motor lead racks and carts.


Chemical Injection/ Delivery

C and C Fluid Power - Chemical Injection

Truck Upfitting

C and C Fluid Power Truck Upfitting

C & C Fluid Power is an authorized NHTSA facility focusing on PTO, Wet kit and crane installations on all forms of trucks. C & C Fluid Power additionally does utility bed swaps for bucket and line trucks.

Hydraulic Power Units

Hydraulic Power Units C and C Fluid Power

C & C Fluid Power builds gas, diesel or electric powered hydraulic power units to fulfill or exceed client requirements.

Custom Trailers

Manufactured Custom Trailer by C and C Fluid Power

C & C Fluid Power can customize and build the trailer you need. C & C Fluid Power is a NHTSA licensed trailer provider and manufacturer.

Winch Trucks

Winch Trucks Product Line

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