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Hatz Gold Dealer & Certified Service Center

Hatz engines are used in different applications such as commercial vehicles, compressors, construction machinery, and pumping systems. If you are looking for power and an energy-saving solution, the Hatz engine is a good option. But like any other machine, this equipment experiences issues due to heavy workloads. That is why you need  services to make sure it is functioning correctly. At C&C Fluid Power, we are a fully equipped firm, which offers different Hatz services.

C&C Fluid Power provides services such as:

Hatz engine testing

Annual checkups from a certified technician will keep your machine healthy. Also, it helps to detect issues before they become worse. Remember, technology advances in all the machines sectors? That is why you need specialized tools to pinpoint issues with the Hatz engine. Since using and buying the tools is challenging and expensive, it is good to consider a professional. C&C Fluid Power professionals use their skills and expertise to diagnose problems with your engine. We use computerized tools to detect issues before they cause a breakdown.

We test all engines to check whether the power is correct. Thus, if you are not sure whether your engine is performing well, contact our service center and get a long-lasting solution.

Repair and Maintenance

We are an authorized repair provider whose primary goal is to ensure that all machines that use Hatz engines are performing correctly. We understand that repairing an engine is less expensive than buying a new one. That is why all our technicians are certified by for all the repairs and maintenance.  At C&C Fluid Power we use only Hatz OEM parts to ensure top quality and performance of your engine.

Selling Spare Parts

We are experienced in field repair and understand the best spare parts that result in a long-lasting solution. Regardless of the type of machinery, we offer high-quality parts to keep it functioning at peak performance. 

We know that fitting the correct part is essential to enhance the performance of your diesel engine. Because of this, we supply genuine spare parts to complete satisfaction and reliability.


C&C Fluid Power uses only OEM parts, so your factory warranty is intact.  We are a certified repair center that handles warranty claims and repairs.  Our trained team guarantees all services performed will be held to the highest standards.   Our main goal is to provide the best Hatz services. We ensure that our staff members undergo regular training to advance their skills.

C&C Fluid Power is a fully equipped company that is well versed in Hatz Products.

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